No. 11 AREA

 HMS Raleigh Mentors

Royal Navy Veterans Role in Training


A group of Royal Navy veterans have been thanked for the role they play in transforming civilians into sailors at HMS Raleigh.

The 14 veterans, who are members of the local Royal Navy Associations, are assigned to each of HMS Raleigh’s four training division and the rehabilitation unit, which looks after recruits recovering from injury. They act as mentors, paying regular visits to encourage the trainee sailors as they complete their course.

The Commanding Officer of HMS Raleigh, Captain (Capt) Bob Fancy, passed on his appreciation to the veterans during a special gathering in their honour.

Capt Fancy said: “We are immensely grateful to the veterans for voluntarily giving up their time to support the recruits as they make the transition from civilian to service life. They are a constant source of advice and guidance and hearing their stories helps to inspire the recruits. The veterans are also fine examples of people who display the Royal Navy’s core values of commitment, courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity and loyalty. It is these values that we aim to instil in the recruits during their initial naval training and the veterans play a key role in helping us achieve this.”

The support given by the veterans is highly regarded by the recruits. Trainee Engineering Technician Ben McArdle, aged 25 from Manchester, who is currently part of the rehabilitation unit, Stonehouse Division, said: “It’s nice to have someone who can give you a military perspective, in a less formal manner. The veterans we have spoken to have had amazing experiences. They are a great source of inspiration especially for recruits like myself recovering from injury. We are immensely grateful for the time they give us.”

Trainee Engineering Technician Warren Hickey, aged 24 from Swansea, said: “Their life experiences and the stories about where they’ve been and what they’ve done provide us with a vision for the future. Although sometimes the jobs that they’ve done have changed over the years, it’s still good to hear what it was like in their day. Some things haven’t changed at all and they are a good source of advice with regards to our training. Overall they are really quite inspirational.”