No. 11 AREA

Huddersfield Branch: Ship's Company

Dave McDonald (life member)


Dave joined the Royal Navy in June 1955 and served until December 1963.

He was a founder member of the Huddersfield branch of the Royal Naval Association and is currently the branch Chairman. During his time with the RNA he has also held the following positions:

Vice Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; Branch Delegate; Area Committee; Area Secretary; Area Chairman; and Area Deputy, NCM.

During his time in the navy he served on the following ships and establishments:
  • HMS Victoria
Jun 1955 - Aug 1955 Basic training
  • HMS Mercury (Petersfield, Hants)
Aug 1955 - Jul 1956 Specialist training
  • HMS Drake (Devonport, Plymouth)
Jul 1956 - Aug 1956 Awaiting draft
  • HMS Sallyport (LCT 4064)
Aug 1956 - Nov 1956 Suez
  • HMS Theseus (R64)
Nov 1956 - Jan 1957 Suez
  • HMS Undine (R42)
Jan 1957 - Feb 1959
  • HMS Flowerdown (Winchester, Hants)
Feb 1959 - Jan 1960 Admiralty Receiver Station
  • HMS Albion (R07)
Jan 1960 - Feb 1961 Far East
  • HMY Britannia
Feb 1961 - Dec 1963

Dave was awarded a General Service medal for his time served in Suez.

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