No. 11 AREA

 RNA Virtual Branch

Virtual Branch - It's Free!

Virtual Branch is a telephone system that enables members to "link" up by telephone anywhere in the United Kingdom and ROI.

Every two weeks at a set time everyone in the group receives a phone call which links them to the others in their group and yhey have one hour of conversation among themselves free of charge.

This is run by Community Network Link as a seafarers link funded by Seafarers UK (previously KGFS). All you need is a landline and one hour every fortnight. The only criteria is that you must be a paid up Full or Associate member of the Royal Naval Association.

At the pre-arranged agreed time an operator from Community Link calls you on your landline and then proceeds to call the others in your group. There are usually 6 to 8 people in a group and one co-ordinator.The co-ordinator is an RNA member and is there to help fill any gaps or to move on from any possible friction. The person on the 'Link' end rings the co-ordinator first and then in no particular order calls the others in that group. 

Then it's all systems go and you can ‘Dit On’ and chat away about any subject for a whole hour. Five minutes before the end of the session you will hear a reminder that there is only five minutes to go. Should you have to leave part way through your link then just tell your shipmates you have to go.

If one week you know that you cannot be there for the next link due to hospital or whatever, then just tell your co-ordinator. It's also not a problem if something crops up and you are out at the time of the link, they will still call you for the next link-up in two weeks.

So come on Shipmates you must have lots of dits to swop! Many of our Associates, who are a vital part of our Association, must have stories to tell of their life in the other Services or their jobs in ‘civvy street’ so let’s hear 'em.

If you would like to be a part of the Virtual Branch just contact Rita or Phil at HQ (contact details below). We need your name, postal address and landline number, plus an email address if available. It is also helpful to know which branch of the RN you served in to link you with like-minded folk, and if you have a nickname you prefer to be known by. (Your postal address is required so that a confidentiality form can be sent for you to sign). These details will only be made available to the co-ordinator of your group and the phone operator at Community Network Link.

HQ: 02392 723 823

Rita Lock, MBE: 02392 642 234